Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Twitter Hilarity

So I am avidly opposed to Twitter, even though I just signed up for it. I just don't get the point of it if you have Facebook statues. Nothing I do in the grand scheme of life is that interesting that the world needs to know about it in 140 words. However, I'm on there now, so it is what it is.

I get up this morning and my 9th grade heart almost died. CHUCK KNOBLAUCH IS FOLLOWING MY ASS ON TWITTER!

I had clippings of Chuck Knoblaugh from the Daily News on my wall in my bedroom at home for YEARS. I loved Chuck! Sure, he had that whole...beating his wife incident in 2009, but he was a four time all-star! And if Charlie Sheen can still get a standing ovation at his roast, fuck it, I can still admire the Chuck Knoblauch who knew the importance of arguing a fair ball call at first base while the runner rounded bases. It's about principle, damn it! He was like a skinny Roger Clemens with a little bit of Aaron Boone's pre"hey girl" flair to him.

Maybe this is a sign from the Twitter gods that Tweeting is a solid sure thing for me. Or, that I continue to have really weird taste in who I admire in the world of baseball. One or the other. Whatever, fuck off, I'm super stoked and I don't care. Now if only Jonathan Taylor Thomas would get on the band wagon, I might actually start to LIKE Twitter.

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