Thursday, October 20, 2011

A little reminder if you have short term memory only...

I'm so not a plugger, but whatever, my fifteen minutes of tv "fame" are upon us. If you want to see how incredibly fucking retarded I am when I'm not blogging behind a computer screen, tune into (that sounds so fucking gay) CMT tonight at 9PM EST and watch me kick ass and represent everything awesome about small tittied girls from New York, while simultaneously being perhaps the most awkward girl on the god damn show, on Sweet Home Alabama, season 2.

I will probably be completely wasted by the time it comes on (how else am I supposed to get through this humiliation?), but rest assured as soon as the episode is over, I'll have a little recap tomorrow about it. And it will be hilarious.

Love you fuckers. Let's be lame, #teamcity bitches!

1 comment:

  1. Totally watched and the guy was totally not that cute... No harm no foul right? You were cute though! Way to rep NY - much better than the other blonde Long Island girl. Good for you for going out there and trying!
    Best wishes from Suffolk County, LI!