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Top 25 Things About Being a Terp

Since the Diamondback, or as we affectionally call it, the DBK, is doing a piece on me and the show on Thursday, I figured I'd prep for the onslaught of 17-23 year old current Maryland student blog visitors by dating myself horribly and writing my top 25 favorite things about The University of Maryland, at least while I was there circa 2004-2008.

25. Ratsies/Adele's toasted ravioli. Toasted rav is surprisingly not something you come across in NYC, and while there are 4 billion different restaurants in NY, I sometimes still find myself craving it. And the fact that Adele's was like, the top "date spot" when I was a freshman. Crab dip anyone? (ps, this was an actual sandwich i once got from Ratsies. So good)

24. DP Dough. When I was in CP back in May for the Maryland/Colgate game, I ordered DP Dough to my motel room. Because that's what classy people do (ps, it was a construction zone).

23. Chicken Cheesesteaks with southwest sauce from South Campus Dining Hall. When I worked at the DBK, which is right about SCD, I used to get one once a day. My bestie at the paper, Steven Overly, would legit watch me eat it with some kind of great interest that such a little person could devour basically a whole chicken with provolone, peppers, onions, and a shit tone of southwest sauce. So good.

22. Let's get off food for a sec and go with the mall. I remember at my orientation, it was 3,000 fucking degrees and the middle of June, and I remember sitting on the mall and thinking "this is exactly where I want to be in the fall." Getting my student ID was probably like, the coolest thing ever for me at the time. I am so lame. And don't you dare hate on that pooka shell necklace.

21. Route 1 riots. I went to...let me think... Maybe 4 riots all through college. The best was when our women's bball team beat duke for the national championship my sophomore year. I lost a shoe near Pot Belly's. Never recovered.

20. Easton Hall. My freshman dorm where I slept on ice packs for the first month of school because it was so god damn hot. I made my best friend in college on the third floor, (3114 was my room) and the girl who worked the front desk in the morning watched me perform so many barefoot walks of shame that year, she offered to keep a pair of flip flops for me behind the desk for me. And yes, this was my room on a "I need to clean my 4 feet of space" day freshman year.

19. Noodles & Co. We don't have it in NYC either, sadly. I don't know how many times I've craved a pasta fresca or buttered noodles with seasoning. And a giant rice krispie treat.

18. Rugged. The best place on earth to come up with the cheapest yet most elaborately whorish Halloween costumes ever.

17. Any class in the English department taught by Mike Olmert. If you haven't taken a class with him yet, take one. Any one. They are all awesome, and he is one of the coolest professors you will ever have. You will learn more about life in one of his classes than you will learn all four years at Maryland, as any major. Plus, he's a Yankees fan.

16. Dave Cottle's mullet. Cottle was the men's lacrosse coach when I was there, so I worked under him, and his mullet was a thing of beauty.

15. Power Hour Tuesdays at Lupos (which then became Thirsty Turtle, which now is something else I think?). We'd start at SigNu and end up there come hell or high puking.

14. Parties at Sigma Nu and Lambda Chi Alpha. And then walking home through that shady path by the old Sigma Chi house behind the Old Leonardtown apartments. How I managed to not get mugged/murdered/raped in that order sophomore year is beyond me.

13. The feeling when your lotto number just squeeze by to give you the last apartment in South Campus Commons. Air conditioning, cleaning staff, full beds, single rooms, washer and dryer. It's like the college equivalent of finding a rent controlled apartment in the mid 70s on the upper west side now adays.

12. Hating Duke. There is just something about hating on Duke so bad being a Terp, it makes you proud. And on those random occasions we beat Duke in anything from basketball to ping pong tournaments, it's just an awesome level of pride. I eventually ended up dating a guy who had played lax at Duke, but trust me when I say I think he hated Duke more than I did...

11. Wracking up $2,000 worth of yellow tickets because I used to always park right next to Susquehana before I lived in South Campus Commons and I didn't have a permit. And then my mom browbeat the head of DOTS by saying people borrowed my car and she was a widow (we have no shame in my family) and got it all erased.

10. HEY, YOU SUCK. I think that got banned like, my junior year of college. Still banned? Whatever, I still have my shirt.

9. Tailgating in Lot 1 and more than likely never making it into the football game that we'll probably lose anyway.

8. The gym. Value that gym with all your might, because when you graduate, you'll be paying 80 bucks a month for a gym half as awesome in DC, NYC, Boston, Philly or Baltimore.

7. Watching girls crying in Stamp after getting rejected from their top house during rush in February. I saw legit nervous breakdowns in my four years there. I kind of felt bad knowing someone else could have had my spot in Theta and wouldn't have, you know, hated it.

6. Lemon drop and kamikazi shots at Cornerstone for your 21st birthday. Followed by a trip from Niteride back to your apartment, ordering Danny's and puking for the next 12 hours while pen ink rubbed off your arm from your tally marks.

5. Friends in Low places playing at Bentley's and Cornerstone, standing in the corner with my three bests and the men's lacrosse team taking SoCo and lime shots because it was the only shot I knew how to ask for and what went in it.

4. Maryland basketball, midnight madness, and the legacy of Gary Williams. "I'M FROM MARYLAND AND NOBODY CAN BEAT ME" - Nik Caner-Medley breakdowns 4 life.

3. Paying two dollars for a bottle of Bud Light, and being able to get wasted with your friends for less than 25 dollars, and then being able to walk a block home. Albeit the shadiest block ever (holla Knox Rd.), but still, just a block.

2. The DBK. I don't think people realize how much actually goes into that god damn paper. The DBK is a close second to how much I loved Maryland lacrosse. That group of people that I worked with my senior year were all amazing. I mean, future journalists and pulitzer prize winners basically surrounded me, and there I was this little retarded English major trying to work Quark. It was this awesome balance of feeling like I had to prove myself to them to gain a little credibility because they all knew what they were doing and were so with it and up to speed and focused, but then once I got a little bit of acceptance, once they realized I was more of a value because of my self deprecating humor and batshit crazy stories than I was my editing skills, I was in and they were it. Those were my buds, my friends, the people who seriously inspired me to be a better writer and be proud of the fact that I worked as an editor at one of the most reputable college papers in the country. The assholes I could wear my glasses around and not shower and tell all my stories to. They were, in theory, the very first audience to my blog. They got al the jersey chasing stories, the ex boyfriend stories, the actor stories. They made me feel like I belonged somewhere. They gave me confidence as a writer and for that, I will always be grateful.

1. Maryland men's lacrosse, particularly 2005's ACC Championship team. There was nothing that made college as awesome as those 48 fuckers. I miss them all horribly and wouldn't have traded them for anything. Those 48 fools, even the ones who were mega dicks, made my life interesting every god damn day. They saved me from my own stupidity and also exploited it terribly. I have probably cried just as many tears over lacrosse as I have laughed painful laughs over it. Maryland lacrosse is a huge, huge part of who I am today. When people ask me if I could have seen myself at one of the other colleges I applied to, I just think about how my life would have been so different without that team, and honestly, no I couldn't. They made college and were hands down the best part of being a Terp.

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  1. There's an article in the Diamondback about you being on the Sweet Home Alabama show. I'm glad you are such a proud Terp!!! Maryland loves you.

    I HATE DUKE!!(I just had to throw that in here).