Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Welcome Back

Hi kids-

Had to laugh at the recent hit from a celebrity blog where someone linked one of my posts. Got me back in the groove and didn't want a bunch of new readers to simply see my depressing last post about baseballer.

Lots going on in the life, and I think in the next week there will be one big epic story that I'll have to work out. I'm covering a shit ton of shifts at work and then have a week off to figure out how to proceed, but I think I might get back on the blog bandwagon. I'm feeling inspired.

Regardless, a big hello and welcome to all the newbies and a big welcome back to all the loyals who continued to send me e-mails while I was having mini-brakdown number two this year over a boy. Be on the lookout for some new stuff. Might shift away from just Jersey Chasing and into actual life shit, but I won't make any promises. There will always be a hint of JCing in me. :)

Be back soon.


  1. I am one of those gossip site readers so I've reading some of your stuff today. You're effing awesome!!! Fuck a guy who will try to change you. Seriously, they waste air and space. I just had to send you some kudos because I am so that same chick that doesn't care what others for real. Lots of people SAY's rarely true. Glad your back in the game!

  2. Glad you're back! I miss your posts.

  3. It's about time. Welcome back! My Tigers open up a series in NYC tonight. Go Detroit! : )