Friday, May 4, 2012

Grow the Game

I love lax. I'll love lax 'til I'm 80 and it's mildly embarrassing but I don't care. So watching the Notre Dame/St. John's game last night was pretty epic. This sport's a big part of my life and while I'll always accept the Duke's, Hopkins, Cuse's and Maryland's (duh) will be the bread and butter of recruitment classes, the impressive expansion of lax across the country shows up in great ways. Denver's big making huge moves, Notre Dame in recent years evolving from a club team in the 80's to an NCAA finalist two years ago. And I remember being an asshole when St. John's University declared that they'd offer a DI lacrosse team a few years ago and thinking "they will NEVER have a good recruitment class". Because it's St. John's and I am from Long Island and when I think St. John's I think Queens. And I'm snobby. And who the fuck wants to go to school in Queens? (Not that College Park was exactly The Upper East Side of Maryland...).

They started off slow. Their first year barely winning any games. But this year, with a decently impressive 8-6 record, they just stepped up to the plate last night and owned the number three team in the nation. 

They played better. They played with a lot more to prove, and a lot more on the line. And I was horribly impressed. They'll now face a struggling Syracuse in the Big East Final, and if they win, they will be probably one of the biggest Cinderella stories of the NCAA tournament. I won't obviously cheer for them if they play MD, but honestly, it's refreshing to see a team give a lot to prove itself. 

In honor of me being a dick fuck and thinking St. John's would be the new St. Joe's (sorry St. Joe's, we all know it's true) of lax and do nothing but be an easy win for the bigger teams, and St. John's proving me wrong this year, here's an over 20 year old (I think. I hope?) player from St. John's who I definitely would have hooked up with with and played laxtitute to in college....or if I met them in a bar in NYC and he lied about his age. PS, I hang out at the UES Brother Jimmy's. Just saying. Get a fake ID. A train. Go. 

Colin Keegan, congrats on being a Queens laxtitute's dream.

SJU's Colin Keegan talks about hat trick

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