Monday, May 14, 2012


Alright alright, it's sad how much of my blog day depends on whether I get internet at work or not. Christ.

Now that I'm settled and content eating breakfast (which includes TWO five hour energy drinks), let's get the week started.

Now, as much as I love lax, I am also aware that I'm one of the few weird ones who isn't dating a laxer, the mother of a laxer, or the sibling of a laxer, that will actually sit and watch games on ESPNU. With that being said, holy shit Maryland. Baby Terps are starting to get into Yankee status in terms of the years they take off my life.

First round last night started out fabulously for my Terps. a 6-0 run left them up by 5 a few minutes before the half. In the bag. Sold. 

WRONG. Lehigh comes out on a 7-0 run and all of a sudden Maryland is losing. The fuck, how is this shit happening? Lehigh's goalie, who is a freshman by the way, Poillon (someone can inform me how to pronounce it later), turned into a brick fucking wall stopping shots from Maryland at point blank range.

By the 4th, Maryland was still trailing 9-7 and I was having a mild panic attack in my basement bedroom. There are two times a year I usually turn into a manic fan; baseball playoffs and lax playoffs. My roommates have now experienced both. If I screamed "GET THE GROUND BALL" one more time, I would have died.

Somehow, Maryland tied that shit up (I'll admit I freaked and turned the game off for a few). And with a man up opportunity and 44 seconds left, Joe Cummings hung out behind the cage biding his time, cradling that shit like it was no biggie, pulled around and got a shot off that made it to the corner of the net and just like that, the world's greatest sideline celebration (MD Terps) got their big one of the night. 

I don't know how we pulled that shit off, because honestly when Lehigh started clicking, it was like they couldn't stop scoring. And when Poillon got his groove, he was all no fucking way are you getting a goal bro. It was terrifying. 

Anyway, three cheers for my top five players of the game. 

First, credit where due, that kid Matt Poillon was a fucking BEAST. Watching him makes stops made me angry. Kid definitely didn't look like a freshman between the pipes. 

Second, my baby Terp goalie Niko Amato. Love this kid, partially because he'll always just be so young to me, partially for how he dominated last year, partially because every time I look at him he reminds me of an Eskimo (in a good way...don't really know if there's a bad way to look at someone like an Eskimo). Solid goal tending is important and this kid steps up to the plate every time.

Third, Drew Snider. Not only is Drew from the Pac North West, so I already love him, he set the scoring tone for the Terps last night and really was grinding it out. I give him lots of credit on his ability to score and make plays happen.

Forth, little Holmes!! His big brother, who wore 17 back in my day, is one of my best friends and it's good to see a dominating presence at the X for the Terps. Curtis has hot hands and even had a goal. I feel like a piece of my college days is still at MD when I see a Holmes in a number 17 jersey. Charlie Raffa gets a halfway shoutout considering he won 10 faceoffs as well. PS, Travis, where the fuck have you been?

Finally, Joe Cummings. Dude scored a goal that is the shit of legends in Terps lacrosse. I think had he held the ball for a second longer I was going to legit throw my tv against my brick wall. Dude had some serious patience and that was some serious senior leadership, to not only hold out for th right moment, but to actually make that shot with the time remaining and make sure Lehigh couldn't counter. Had he not made the shot, he'd have been on my shit list for quite some time, but he did so right now I'd probably make out with him. Also, just go look at his profile on Kid has a lax resume that puts most others to shame. 

Laxtitutes of College Park and Bethlehem PA, get on this shit and thank these guys for the awesomeness they bring to the game! God if it weren't basically illegal for me to do it, I'd do it myself. 

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