Monday, May 14, 2012

Stef had a Stalker Part II

I haven't done a split blog post in a verrrry long time, I had to go back and see where I left this story off.

So, long story short, I'm now about to leave Philly that Sunday to come back home, have to work Monday, and after the fabulous weekend sex I was treated to, in the car ride back I was composing some epic e-mail to this chick. I mean honestly, how fucking idiotic can you be? You used your REAL NAME to make a fake texting account? Who does that? If you're going to harass someone, fuck dude at least cover the most basic bases of hiding your identity.

I get home and send a Facebook message. Went something like this:

Look Gabby Gee- clearly you have no idea who you are fucking with. I don't know where in your line of thinking you thought it was cool to spread rumors about me to dudes who don't know you, but not only have I made sure that every guy on the Flyers knows what a complete psychopath you are, I will make sure every Islander, New York Ranger, and if I can stretch it, Bruin, knows you're a fucking stalker. I have every intention of calling the Flyers and informing them that you are harassing players and their friends (I don't think "fuck buddy" would have gone over well in the Flyers office), and I will make sure you don't get a job in the closest five states to New York at any arena or venue. Further, I am considering taking legal action considering you told someone I had an STD, which is a complete fucking lie. You so much as mention my name, or the name of anyone I've fucked in the last ten year in passing, and I will make sure you get a restraining order slapped on your ass so fast, that you won't even be able to say 'Bryzgalov".

Here I think the situation was handled. Because if it were me, and I got caught doing something so incredibly shady, not only by the girl but by the guy who's team I like to stalk and follow, I'd be mortified. Wouldn't you? Lick your wounds, block on Facebook, pretend it never happened.

Dude, bitch comes back talking about the people her father knows. WHO SAYS THAT? She starts hurling that she has more connections than me and she was going to sue me.

Bitch was certifiably crazy. It took it to a point where she threatened to have her friends attack me that I finally said i was calling the cops and she backed down. She tried to reverse psych my ass, saying if I pressed any kind of charges it would look bad for me. When I stopped responding to her I got the typical terrified girl. "Ok just stop. This isn't funny anymore. Stop. I'm serious. This is so stupid".

She tried to convince me this is a normal thing for 22 year olds to do, and that it was just a joke. I then informed her that I told my hockey dude everything she said about him and his teammates, and that she'd have better luck getting a job at Victoria Secret than she would ever getting into an event where those guys were present again.

I did call the cops and I did consult a lawyer, but I didn't do anything other than give a record and keep my lawyer in the loop. I blocked her on Facebook and haven't had a bother since, and hopefully it stays that way, for her sake more than mine.

Women are fucking nuts dude. People wonder why I was so private with my Facebook account, especially after Sweet Home Alabama, it's because of crazy chicks like this that have no life. Girls that cant get the guys themselves and live vicariously through others in a bad way. This chick was so pathetic in the way she acted, I felt bad for her. And if Stef Williams feels bad for you, you know you must be in some seriously fucked up shape.

It ain't about who you know or who your daddy is. I guess everyone's different, but being able to say "my dad will save my job if you tell people the truth about how I'm anonymously (I use that word very loosely) harassing players of teams I work for and the girls they're hooking up with", isn't a win. It's a fucking sad, sad, sad, loss.

So there you have it. And people wonder why I was depressed, Jesus, I had crazy fan girls stalking ME and I wasn't even dating the guy. It's shit like this that makes me feel genuinely bad for the actual girlfriends. There are jersey chasers, and then there are girls like this - the batshit chubby ones who do anything to feel "part of it". Fucking nuts man.

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  1. this girls crazy legit stalks every hockey player.